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Are You Meeting Your Customer’s Unmet Needs?

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Manufacturers sell by product. This is the way it has always been – create a product, present the features, sell the product. This tried and true approach has sustained the manufacturing industry for many years, but the customer approach is changing. Customers are not searching for products the way that they used to; instead, they are searching for solutions. Despite this drastic shift in consumer mindset, manufacturers still sell by product.

My team and I recently collaborated with a large group of big-name industrial manufacturing companies who needed an innovative way to reach customers virtually during the unprecedented pandemic. The result of this project was enormous! We delivered leads and received lots of positive feedback. We launched Accelerated Impact Model (AIM); a professionally produced virtual learning event targeting end-users and distributors. At the beginning of the project, we asked these companies to provide a short presentation with application-based solutions. Many of the companies thought they had accomplished this, but in fact, they still had a product centric offering. Voice of the Customer (VOC) is key and we all know it’s important, but consistently delivering this message is not always easily achieved, even with our best intentions.

At that point, we proposed a process that helped these manufacturers uncover their customer’s pain points by reaching out to some of their sales representatives. After this discovery phase, we were able to build content around value-added solutions and how to improve productivity, reduce costs, and enhance compliance. In the end, these manufacturers had a value-added and engaging message that drove awareness and interest.

If you have a need to reach customers when there are multi-dimensional market disruptions causing the need to transform how we reach our customers, we would like to chat with you.

“Covid-19 didn’t start the need for B2B buyer transformation, but it accelerated it!” Randy K, C3C Thought Leader.

Reach out to me, Craig Martin, Founder of C3Consulting, or Wendy Hogan, Marketing Account Manager at C3Consulting with any marketing questions that you may have! We love helping our clients get their solutions to market in the most impactful ways.

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