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Everyone Talks About Transforming Business for Growth, But What does This Mean Exactly?

Leading consulting firms recommend transforming your business for growth. C3Consutling as well recommends transforming your business for growth, but “How”? The process of considering transformation can be daunting. The process is a culmination of assessments, discussions, analyzing data, and getting to the root cause of the organization's bottlenecks and challenges for seeing instrumental growth.

The best place to start is a strong commitment by leadership to set up a time to develop a plan, organizing the right team leads, and then having serious discussions about the organization’s vision and challenges for growth. From there, having a strategic planning session is key. Sounds simple enough, the problem, many organizations are so close to their businesses, they tend to not be fair facilitators or the best critics for organizational effectiveness. Ultimately, you need someone to help drive the development and execution of the growth plan.

Most team leaders will say their departments are maximized, and they should, but that does not help get to the core of the challenges. And, when a team lead does have a valid challenge, much of the time, that challenge described may not be the actual problem that needs to be solved. These team leaders may be too close to the business, day to day, and just not able to see the real challenge. If this is the case, it may be time to have an outside team help you transform.

The biggest transformation that must be had is utilizing all the collected information to create a plan for the organization or division. The plan must include all components of the organization to achieve maximum success: Organizational, Manufacturing, Finance, IT and eCommerce, HR, Sales, and Marketing. If sales sell a product and manufacturing cannot deliver, we have a problem. If marketing drives a lead and sales does not follow up, we have a problem. If IT sets up a CRM and the data is not cleaned, we have a problem. Problems can build up but finding the solution to transform your business for growth should be done holistically to achieve desired results.

The C3Consulting team can help organizations document opportunities for change by helping them realize their vision, through any of the organization by working through all the department's challenges to find solutions. Follow us on LinkedIn, Craig Martin,, or Wendy Hogan

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