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Invest for the Recovery - Reason #3

Businesses will be tempted or forced to reallocate marketing funds to cover operational expenses in the short-term. Now is not the time to go silent in your brand awareness campaigns, especially if your competition has chosen to go dark.

Doreen Vanderhart of Knap Creative says, “What you do TODAY will determine where your business is in 3, or 6, or 12 months. When things turn around (and they will!) where do you want to be? For us, there’s no question – TOP. OF. MIND.”

With that said, there are changes in on-line behavior due to Covid-19 that must be considered. Despite internet usage increasing up to 70% during the height of the outbreak, search demand is down. LinkedIn reports a 26% growth in user sessions, so your audience may be spending more time on social media consuming content (or searching for a job).

These stats indicate the need to take an in-depth look at what’s happening specifically within your industry and company and adjusting digital spending accordingly. For example, you may consider switching funds from paid search to email and content marketing.

Word of caution: spending less in SEO and content marketing can significantly impact your organic rankings. When search demand returns post-pandemic, you may experience considerably less organic traffic than before the COVID-19.

Businesses can’t afford to stop nurturing current and potential customers - it will have devastating effects on year-end results, in a year when the marketplace is already chaotic. Consistent, valued content and communication is what your customers need at this time.

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