Whether you are new to sales enablement or have had it implemented for a while, are you training your stakeholders properly and providing them with ongoing development to deliver the right message to your customers and end-users? Ongoing training and development are an integral part of sales enablement and are important for your program to succeed.

Here are some tips to guide you through sales enablement, training, and ongoing development

  1. You must have the right value proposition, competitive advantage, messaging, and most importantly, “Great Content”, to share with and through your distribution partners.

  2. Regularly schedule training to build the capabilities of your sales teams and distributors to clearly be able to present your value proposition to the “end user” on your behalf. One training a year is not enough. Identify solutions such as newsletters, customer testimonials, case studies, and collaboration platforms that can provide continuous development.

  3. Having the right and simple selling and marketing tools is critical to visual and verbally explain the value proposition holistically and by individual solutions. Ensure you identify the right tool to deliver the media, pdf, video, etc.

  4. Content should be organized (preferably in one software tool) so the content can be easily accessible. Periodically, the content should be reviewed to keep it fresh and top of mind for sales representatives.

  5. Engage participation by sharing the buyer’s journey and providing data measurements of content effectiveness, adoption rates, customer engagement, and other analytics that can define program success.

If you have any questions or need support with sales enablement, email Craig Martin at cmartin@c3cteam.com or Wendy Hogan at whogan@c3cteam.com.

5 Tips for Maximized Sales Enablement