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Case Studies

Channel Growth Case Study - Visual Workplace
Strategy and Value Proposition Case Study - Riverhawk Industrial Supply

What our customers are saying

“I chose C3 Team to help Riverhawk Industrial Supply with our strategic planning because of their knowledge and expertise in the industrial manufacturing, distribution, and construction markets. Craig and Wendy helped our leadership team develop a go-to-market strategy plan to enhance our value proposition and messaging around a 3-in-1 supply chain program that provides a competitive advantage in the marketplace. I would recommend C3 Team for business transformation.”

Sarah Finlayson

CEO, and Owner of Riverhawk Industrial Supply

“VWP has been in business for 25 years. We have managed growth internally and built relationships one at a time. About 5 years ago, we decided we wanted to grow at a faster rate, and more specifically with relationships with distributors. We started that process and realized it was a long and difficult path. We sought out the C3 team, they explained their expertise in channel management and how they helped other businesses grow. They were able to help us with business and marketing planning and they introduced us to the OneSolution, largest industrial channel manufacturing rep team that knew this channel well. It was a seamless process. C3 helped us with the basics for marketing and sales to build that infrastructure to be ready for this channel.”

Rhonda Kovera

CEO & Founder Visual Workplace, Inc.

"Craig and Wendy helped our team meet the demands of our suppliers by creating a niche virtual learning event for us. We could not have achieved the great results we did without them! Thanks Guys! We'll be doing more work with you in the future."

Josh Strosser

Capability and Business Development Manager of OneSolution

“C3 strengths have provided our team many opportunities by helping us with high-level strategic business and marketing planning as well as helping us to accomplish initiatives, like the website development and creation of content for social and other communications mediums. Recently, we went through updating the brand and a website redesign. This process took about eight months and C3 was involved the entire time. We really appreciate the C3 team, and the board members see their value as well.”

Bill Ward


“We at Flextur, we were trying to break out into a new channel with a new product line we engineered, and it seemed like around every corner, there was something new to learn, and we needed a team who could help us navigate the channel with sales and marketing. We reached out to C3, and they had the experience we needed with messaging, targeting, communication materials, and planning. C3 brought market experience that we needed to succeed.”

Doug Scheetz

VP Marketing & Product Development, Flextur

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