Selling is selling, right? Not necessarily. Selling to the industrial supply channel differs from B2C and even some B2B businesses. Selling into the industrial industry can involve longer lead times, long-term relationships, and selling into the channel. Its pertinent to implement the right strategies to increase your success.

Here are 7 ways to win business in the Industrial Supply Channel:

  1. Channel Understanding – Highly fragmented distribution with multiple go to market practices.
  2. Competitive Differentiation – Not just products. Develop a message that resonates and have a clear value proposition.
  3. Persona development– Create end-user personas with messaging on cost, productivity, and compliance and how it solves challenges and pain points.
  4. Keep it simple – Sellers and end-users need to grasp and obtain quickly.
  5. Review how you can deliver solutions to the channel and markets—Ask yourself if you have the right structure. Some structures to consider are: Direct team with outside and inside sales, hybrid with internal and external resources, a manufacturing rep organization that has relationships and can provide quick access to the right customers locally and nationally.
  6. Go to Market Strategy – Now that you have the right structure in place, implement a go-to strategy with an efficient supply chain and consistent pricing discipline.
  7. Marketing—Develop sales and marketing tools to drive behavior, interest, and lead generation. This is ongoing and you always have to keep it fresh.

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7 Ways to Win Business In the Industrial Channel