Sales is the engine that keeps your business running. Ensuring they have the right tools to be as efficient and productive as possible is important. After all, we shouldn’t keep them from what they do best: sell. That is where sales enablement comes in.

The sales enablement industry is in a unique position with the shift to virtual meetings and rise of digital. By the year 2027, the industry is now projected to reach $4.5 billion. With the development of new technologies and existing ones, it is critical that sales enablement professionals choose their platforms wisely for their companies keeping in mind productivity and efficiency.

While the intention is good, organizations will purchase too many platforms that end up decreasing employee productivity. According to Forbes, workers waste approximately 32 days a year due to workplace efficiency apps. As a sales enablement professional, you don’t want to be responsible for decreased efficiency and productivity of your sales organization.

Carefully selecting the right partner to help you with your sales enablement journey can help reduce unnecessary purchases.

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